About Erin 

Erin grew up in a small Cajun town near Lafayette, Louisiana, but has been in New Orleans since attending college at Loyola University in 2002. She studied law at Tulane Law School, earning her juris doctor in 2011. After purchasing her own fixer upper and renovating it in 2014, Erin knew she wanted to work in real estate. Erin is an associate at Rêve Realtors, an independent and innovative new brokerage. She is a member of the Preservation Resource Center, Ogden Kohlmeyer Circle, and the New Orleans Historic Collection's Caillot Circle. She serves as Vice Chair of the board of directors of Uncommon Construction​, a non-profit that teaches youth the trade of new construction and equips them with job skills. Erin has extensive knowledge of New Orleans neighborhoods and its unique housing stock.